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Fragranced Candle

Sweeter Tings

Sweeter Tings

10.5 oz / 297 g

A nostalgic and addictive fragrance with subtleties of comfort and goodness. The zesty citrus top notes are combined with a bouquet of rose and Iris, supported by a warming woody, earthy base to exemplify the connectivity of storytelling through scent.


Each candle comes with a gold marker designed for personalization.

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Product Details

All candles are paraben free & phthalate free.

Liner Notes

Scent Profile: Amber Gourmand

TOP: Bergamot Zest, Sweet Mandarin Oranges, Lemon Peel
MID: White Italian Figs, Black Tea Leaves, Dewy Rose Petals
DRY: Warm Cedarwood

How To Use

• Trim the candle’s wick to ¼” before every burn
• Allow the candle to burn for a minimum of 3-4 hours to prevent the wax from tunneling. This is especially important for the first burn.
• Care instructions are provided on the bottom of each candle.

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