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Fragrance Oil

Carby Musk

Carby Musk

10 ml

Crafted by world-renowned perfumer Michael Carby and adopted by Drake as his personal scent, Carby Musk was just too good to keep to themselves. After years of enjoyment, the pair realized the candle, while a best seller, would no longer satisfy the overwhelming demand for the subtle yet infectious fragrance.
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Product Details

Distinguished by its unconventional composition, the Carby Musk fragrance eschews traditional fragrance pyramids, instead presenting a linear blend of thirteen distinct musk ingredients. Comprising twelve musks within the formula, the thirteenth and final touch is the individual wearer, creating an unparalleled and unique scent that lingers in the air longer, leaving a lasting impression for each individual's musk.
A pure, 100% fragrance oil in a travel friendly rollerball.

Liner Notes

Scent Profile: Floral Amber Musk

Top: Lily of the Valley
Mid: Ambergris
Dry: Amber Woods (edited)

How To Use

Gently apply the oil to pulse points on skin, such as the wrists and neck, where fragrance is desired.

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